Friday, May 31, 2019

Review: Air Hockey Ultimate

Four different, possible difficulty levels, plus modes, one player and two player, added to twelve differently themed air hockey tables to choose from. What does this combination mean? It means Air Hockey Ultimate.

This may not be quite like an air hockey table mounted on board a sprinter van or motor home, but it’s quite easily the next best thing. In fact, in some manners, it’s even better. In addition to twelve very different tables to choose from, each and every one has its own mallet style and puck style. Even its own sound effects.

Puck styles include: two traditional puck themes, (air hockey and ice hockey) a soccer ball, a tennis ball, a low profile tire, and seven others. Even a blue jeans button. The mallet range is just about equally wide, including, not only traditional air hockey mallets, but also: tennis rackets, football helmets, motorbike helmets, and even Christmas ornaments.

The only two table themes, I don’t like are Retro and Valentine. Valentine has the very most annoying sound effects, at least when compared with most other themes, and Retro has the very most obsolete graphics. The only slight issue with the other ten is the bounciest pucks, affecting play by a slight margin.

Even though Air Hockey Ultimate doesn’t quite deliver the same scoring sensation that a physical air hockey table can carry out, they certainly knew how to carry out not only premium entertainment on the go, but also a kid-friendly creepy factor with a few table themes.

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