Monday, May 27, 2019

Review: Prize Claw

Many free prizes, including coins, and a series of available upgrades. Yet a limit of daily grabs. But I’m not talking about a consumer claw machine with parental controls. I’m talking about the Prize Claw app. Readily available on Google Play, Prize Claw is a little like free access to a claw machine, only all prizes are digital, and coins can only be spent on upgrades, including better joysticks for improvements in accuracy and better claws for enhanced grip on prizes.

In addition to upgrading, there is also leveling up. On each level, players are given a small series of tasks, including collect x number of prizes, collect x number of coins, or collect x number of car prizes. Furthermore, leveling up is necessary for upgrades down the road, and upgrades are helpful for collecting 50 coin gold bars and other heavier prizes.

The big drag – Thanks to the somewhat limited grabs, the app doesn’t literally provide hours of weekly enjoyment unless players spent time watching commercials in exchange for grabs or much worse, spend real-life money on grabs.

The interesting part – When players collect five prizes in the same category, they can sell that collection for a few hundred coins in addition to grabbing them or accomplishing a mission for them.

Although Prize Claw can’t really offer hours of free enjoyment like other apps, the time that players do get free of charge is considerably interesting as if they’ve received 15 or so prize tokens at an arcade. And eventually configure a claw machine how they want.

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