Thursday, May 23, 2019

Review: RC Car Racer: "Extreme" Traffic Adventure

Buckle up, turn the key, and hit the accelerator to take off on a high speed adventure, in an action figure-sized vehicle, on a straight interstate highway. Straight, it is for many different vehicles, but not you. In “Endless” mode, you get to score as many coins as you want, by driving under man-sized vehicles, until you crash. From there, you can use the coins to upgrade your vehicle’s speed and steering, but that’s where the good parts end.

No matter how fast you go, your RC car always runs silently and basically only steers as if to be changing lanes, much like drag races in Need for Speed: Underground 2. Even so, your car still shakes sort of all over the place at speed, provoking concern about spinning out at any second, a distraction from keeping eyes on the road.

To make matters five times worse, there’s “Career” mode, with many different levels, with no objectives other than traveling a predetermined distance and getting more near misses of vehicle tires with each level. No change of scenery, either, other than a choice between sunshine and rain.

I’ve always loved racing games and always will, but RC Car Racer: Extreme Traffic Adventure is really not extreme. It’s hardly even worth the time you have to spend looking at Ads.

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