Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Review: RC Hovercraft Airplane

Set in a downtown park, and with four different hovercraft “skins” to choose from, RC Hovercraft Airplane brings with it, a special 3D experience with even better ergonomics than a radio controlled hovercraft in real life. Better ergonomics, in fact than a recreational hovercraft. How so? Because players can not only drive on water, but also drive up ramps, steps, and even a half pipe.

First, comes the “Tutorial” level, which teaches players the basic controls if only in a confined area. After that, comes the “Sandbox” level, where players can collect all three bonus skins and practice maneuvering with control modes one and two. Once players beat level six, they can also use the sandbox level to practice flying with both control modes.

Control mode one (with only one joystick used to accelerate, reverse, and steer) is easier to fly with. Control mode two (with one joystick on the left to accelerate and reverse, plus one on the right to steer) makes it easier to maneuver on the ground. Either way, mind you, flying in this game is harder than flying any aircraft in Grand Theft Auto V. The minor bad news – All 24 levels are set in the same park. The good news – The park is configured differently for each level.

In the end, when players are in the air, RC Hovercraft Airplane is not as fun as a tangible radio-controlled airplane, but on the ground and on the water, the game is more fun than a tangible radio-controlled hovercraft.

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