Monday, May 20, 2019

Trackmania Turbo Wins Skill Trophy

Canyon Grand Drift, Down and Dirty Valley, Roller Coaster Lagoon, and International Stadium. These are the four racing environments in Trackmania Turbo. Also accompanied by the game – Multiplayer Mode, Campaign Mode, Virtual Reality Mode, Track Builder Mode, and a multitude of ingredients within those things.

When players first get started building a track, they get to choose between any of the four track environments. No matter which one they go for, they get to choose between four different “moods” - sunrise, day, sunset, or night. From there, they get to choose from four landscapes in Beginner Mode or five in Normal mode and place the starting line exactly where the want as long as no part of the landscape is in the way. Track sections include: straight pieces, loops, kill switches, slopes, turns of varying sharpness, and many more obstacles, depending mainly on the track environment. Players can even share their track creations online in Campaign Mode.

In campaign mode, players can take on tracks, built by the actual Trackmania team, starting with the White Series of tracks, with ten tracks in each environment, much like the subsequent four series. That includes the Green Series, Blue Series, Red Series, and Black Series, in that order, a little like the journey from white belt to black belt in martial arts. The only downfall is the Blue and Red Series both require all silver trophies in previous series, and the Black series requires all Gold trophies. So at some point, it becomes a lot more fun to take on “worldwide” challenges, and better yet set one up for other players.

The other big restriction – Only one vehicle model is usable in each of four track environments, and player-created tracks are no exception, even with cheat codes. Even though players can paint these vehicles in different color schemes, they cannot be upgraded in any manner, whatsoever. But that’s not entirely a bad thing. The entire game is about skills in driving and track building, which is just the way I like it.

Despite the two major restrictions, Trackmania Turbo is a very innovative racing game, where it’s all about skills in racing and track building. By building and uploading many different tracks, players around the world love to challenge each other, and I would have it no other way.  😉

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