Thursday, June 27, 2019

Advice Alert: How to Build the Best Tracks in Trackmania Turbo

If you’ve ever, regularly played Tonka Raceway, Lego Stunt Rally, or Trackmania Sunrise, you’ve probably had a fair dose of experience, building your own race tracks. But you’re probably not as good at it as you are at racing, Especially if you’ve been playing Trackmania Turbo. In Trackmania Turbo, especially beyond Beginner (Track Builder) mode, there’s a fine art to building the best tracks in the game, whether you intend to show other players a hefty challenge, or just a good, old time.

The first thing you want to take into account, in Normal Mode or Advanced Mode, is the track environment, which will determine the range of obstacles at your disposal. All four options have vertical loops, all four have obstacles that you can put in the middle of the path, and all four have stationary kill switches. But there’s still a lot of variation between the four.

One of few big things that I’ve done a lot of is create big, huge jumps, often with the assistance of a three to five section turbo strip. There are pre-fabricated ones available in International Stadium, and even though they don’t come pre-fabricated in Down and Dirty Valley, you can still fabricate them as an uphill incline and detach the section that you plan to use as the runway. I would also recommend placing the runway a good but reachable distance from the edge of the jump in addition to making it about a good 12% of a mile. With a VR headset, that will give players a gulp of adrenaline.

If you plan to show other players a real challenge, there’s are a couple of strategic ways you might want to place obstacles. If you’re building an International Stadium track, there’s one obstacle available, that forces the car towards the middle of the path and a few different ones available to force the car towards the side of the path. If you can figure them out, you can create a very narrow path that forces players to weave. The same is equally doable in Canyon Grand Drift.

One minor word of caution to take into consideration is that you should really make sure to test the track throughout construction, especially if you’re using turbo strips or kill switches. Turbo strips, in the wrong places, make it very difficult to safely navigate turns and some obstacles, and kill switches, of course, declare that your engine shuts down until you reach the next check point. After all, it matters a lot that you can validate it.

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