Friday, June 14, 2019

Review: Battle Tank (Developed by Springcomes)

Set in a battle field, way out in the countryside, in the middle of recurring chaos, Battle Tanks is the type of warfare game, capable of simulating Call of Duty courses of action in non-Call of Duty players. But it’s not just any word in kid friendly warfare. It’s the last word in compelling, fictional warfare for all ages.

The game is not even run like a war. It works like a high score demolition derby, only doing damage actually repairs your armor. Your tank starts out small but enlarges and increases its armor capacity as you level up by taking out one opponent after another. Effectively, it’s every tank commander for himself, and I enjoy it that way.

Players do; however, have one considerable vulnerability. The game is always live with all human opponents and no CPU's. So one touch of the pause button, and you’re a sitting duck. To answer the door or the phone, you’ll just have to withdraw from the battle. For players with nothing else to do, that’s a real advantage. Not bad for all, but not good for all either.

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