Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Review: Clean Road

There are many levels, where players are tasked with clearing the road through either a farmland, or a residential neighborhood, countless, different snow plows to unlock in exchange for watching ads, and many vehicles, stranded in the middle of the road, to put dings in. What game are we talking about? Clean Road.

Players take the helm of a snow plow truck and lead cars to the big clearing at the end of the street. The truck is locked on cruise control for the entire level. Effectively, players can’t even stop or slow down, much less, reverse. The basic task on each and every level is to clear the entrance of every driveway on the street, so cars can escape.

The things that doesn’t even make sense – Number one: Players can unlock unlimited trucks by watching ads. Number two: Clean Road; ironically, doesn’t even exactly live up to its title, because there is a much wider road than players can really clear. Then again, if the plow was wide enough, players would be powerless to avoid obstacles.

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