Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Review: Crash of Cars

Many different vehicles unlocked at random, an always changing selection of battle arenas, random power-ups, and limited controls. That’s the gist of what’s involved in Crash of Cars. Effectively, it’s a little like the Twisted Metal franchise, only somehow, not as dark and grim. Sadly, not as much fun, either.

The first wrong game mechanic is that unlike in Twisted Metal games, you can’t stop or reverse your vehicle even though you can, of course steer. That makes it all the harder to avoid falling into water or a three-mile-deep pit. It also interferes with taking aim at other vehicles when you want to attack them.

The other issue is that no vehicle in the game is equipped with machine guns or any weapon that you can use at any given time in the battle, which limits your means of attack on other vehicles. For that matter, most weapons you do get to pick up are not even all that accurate.

Disappointingly, despite how good the game looks in ads, it’s not even what it should be for real. To an extent, it’s a crash of ergonomic game play.

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