Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Review: "Extreme" City GT Car Stunts

You’re dealing with strenuous, moving obstacles and slippery loops. You get to navigate the course in an exotic car, and you’re on a loose schedule. But it’s still just about as difficult as navigating an obstacle course in a fully loaded, 18-wheel bull rack. What game am I covering? Extreme City GT Car Stunts.

Like in most racing games, players do get to unlock better rides as they level up, which does help a little to make it through each level. Even so, the game continues getting trickier as you progress. And it goes considerably beyond what I mentioned earlier. Even though there is a car reset button, it does not teleport you back onto the course. All it does is flip your car right-side-up again.

Another thing that’s a drag, a bigger drag in fact, is that the in-game advertisement was noticeably overdone. A lousy ad pops up every time you pause the game, whether it’s to take a phone call, or restart the level. And on levels six and up, you’ll be doing that a lot. The main, “extreme” part of the game is the difficulty, and ads in bad places make it all the more tedious, ruining 60% of the fun.

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