Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Review: Limo Track Drive Stunt

Narrow curves, swinging wrecking balls both round and square, slippery slopes, shifting decks, abrupt corners, and players still don’t get to navigate these 20 obstacle courses in a monster truck or even on foot. They have to do so in a four door executive sedan with an eight to twelve foot stretch. Effectively, they don’t call it Limo Track Drive Stunt for nothing.

Just to test everyone’s immunity to acrophobia, all 20 obstacle courses are at a two mile altitude with no rotors or support pillars. Additionally, a big, obvious goof. The first couple obstacle courses in the game are just a safe place for players to get familiar with the six figure vehicle they’ll be driving a lot. But before they know it, the courses turn unforgiving.

The part that me fooled by 80% was the in-app invention of the almost invisible deck. In other words, it makes the vehicle look as if it’s driving in mid-air and even disorients players when they approach it for the first time or two. The one obstacle that could take advantage of any player’s confidence is the slippery slope, sort of like the slippery stairs on a few episodes of Wipe Out or Total Wipe Out, only the slippery part is the downhill part, which can actually interfere with cornering.

As much of a compelling challenge the game can be, there are two minor flaws in design. When players beat the game, there’s no winning screen, beyond the text that says “Game Completed.” The other minor issue is that even though players are timed through every level, there’s no reward for a faster time. Not even an online scoreboard. Overall, nonetheless, the game offers many hard playing hours of challenge and triumph.

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