Friday, June 7, 2019

Review: RC Helicopter Simulator(Developed by Smashing Geeks)

There is intriguing scenery, starting and finish lines, of varying location and altitude, and helicopters that manage to be a challenge to control despite how good they are at hovering in place. RC Helicopter Simulator, developed by Smashing Geeks was a very interesting idea, but the game still went a tad bit wrong.

First, there’s the cheesy soundtrack, a very short loop, the exact same on all levels, and that pauses in the middle, which only reveals that there was almost no money invested in getting it right. There’s also the in game camera, which changes every time pilots reverse the slightest.

Furthermore, there’s something else that doesn’t vary at all – the mission tasks. Basically, all that pilots ever get to do is fly from A to B, traveling through rings along the way. That’s to say that even though I’m talking about a military themed game, players never get to use weapons or a winch.

Another drag in the game – The helicopter game play is not even as good as it is in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, let alone, Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto V operates like a real and true flight simulator, whether pilots are in a plane or chopper. But thanks to RC Helicopter Simulator, Smashing Geeks are hardly geeks at all.

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