Monday, June 17, 2019

Review: RC Stunt Racing

Set on race courses, configured on a few different floors and tables, RC Stunt Racing is a very compelling racing game where only one of nine vehicles is unlocked for players who are just starting out. The other two Class C vehicles can be unlocked by shelling out enough money for them, like in many different racing games, but there are differences.

The game’s first area of uniqueness is the control setup. Players who don’t want the motion control setting have to steer right with their right thumb and left with their left thumb. The arrow buttons are on opposite sides of the screen, necessitating nine and three on the wheel. Then, there’s a link with Sonic Riders. The car is on cruise control for the entire race, except there are brake pedals on either side of the screen. Effectively, the car operates more like a lawn tractor, only it goes a lot faster.

The unique things, as well as the game play actually keep the game interesting and show players a good time, but there are annoyances here and there. Upon finishing each and every race, the RC car needs repairs, which players have to wait to have done. When unlock-able cars, players are also, actually taxed for the repairs as if the game wants a victory tax.

Even with the repair charges after every race, the game still doesn’t fail to remain compelling. The money that players either win, or earn by looking at ads can be put towards unlocking a new car, or towards upgrades or an already unlocked car. Annoying here and there, but also engaging by its own, special design.

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