Monday, June 10, 2019

Review: Summer Coast Guard: Beach Bay

Paramedics have the responsibility to render any possible aid to someone having a medical emergency, whether that means carrying it out right where the victim is stranded or getting them to the hospital in an ultimate, mad rush, effectively making it the highest pressure job in a landlocked state.

In a coastal state; however, that pressure is equaled by the responsibility held down by members of the U.S. Coast Guard. And Android app, Summer Coast Guard: Beach Bay gives players a very well legit dose of both of those jobs.

When the game sticks players at the wheel of an ambulance, there’s a time limit. And it’s not even like a racing game. Racing games, from Mario Kart to Trackmania, help a lot to let off steam, but paramedic tasks in Summer Coast Guard: Beach Bay only get players more steamed. That just goes to teach them that paramedics don’t have a fun job, just because they can legally run red lights.

When the game assigns Coast Guard tasks to players, that means they get to fly a chopper, often to put out a fire or rescue someone, who is drowning. Even though it’s always obvious, where players need to hover or land to perform these duties, the chopper is somehow rather difficult to accurately maneuver, particularly when players try to ascend or descend.

Flying the helicopter in this game, I must admit, is probably only a 1% taste of what the real Coast Guard has to carry out from one day to the next as they are responsible for handling all emergencies at sea, whether it’s a ship wreck, a weapons trafficker, or a fire at sea. That’s what this game offers a healthy dose of, so to speak.

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