Thursday, July 18, 2019

Review: Legendary Stuntman Run

Similar to Total Wipeout games from ten years ago, Legendary Stuntman Run involves overcoming an obstacle course on each and every level, in a straight line. There are no twists or turns, but it does involve jumping over some obstacles and ducking under others. The first few levels are not super hard, but the real challenges arrive abruptly.

There’s only one character you can play as at first. And even though he can get you through the first eight or so levels easily enough, he later seems to become less cooperative with the controls; he starts jumping and ducking less accurately when you approach an obstacle, effectively still hitting it when you mean to overcome it. But worse is to come.

There’s actually a glitch on level 15 that does not allow you to make the necessary climb onto the high platform that you must overcome to complete that level, precisely where I got stuck. Because of that, “Legendary” Stuntman Run is actually not legendary in the long run.

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