Thursday, July 4, 2019

Review: SUP

Players have the opportunity to unlock many different racing machines and even build their own “tracks,” but it doesn’t even come close to Trackmania Turbo. What racing game am I talking about here? SUP, and it’s not nearly as good as in-app ads make it sound.

The first tedious task that players face is the seven part tutorial, which, I admit, is not super hard. In fact, not even hard enough. In-game controls include deciding when to activate a turbo boost and changing between two lanes, but really, nothing else. There are no corners or hairpins to turn in any race at all, which seriously ruins the fun.

Another big pain in the elbow is the track builder mode. Players can add obstacles there, but still no twists or turns, which is to say that no matter what kind of track players encounter in this moron-developed game, it’s almost nothing more than a lousy drag strip. Even at that glum rate, players still have to add up to 45 track pieces just to validate the track. That simply, all adds up to SUP being the poorest excuse for a way for the developers to display ads.

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