Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Review: Toy Story Quiz

Why are the toys afraid of Andy’s Birthdays? Who saves the Little Green Men? Where does Forky constantly want to go? These are just 3 of the 60 ironic, multiple choice questions in Toy Story Quiz. They are, in fact, mostly visible in both game modes – Normal Mode and Survival mode.

In Normal Mode, there are four different levels – One for each feature length installment in the Toy Story Franchise. Each has 15 different questions. They involve many important characters in the franchise. And you can answer them at your own pace, but answering them correctly does depend on having actually seen the movies. Even so, they’re each only enjoyable the first couple times through. The other minor drag is if you get a question wrong, you can’t go back and correct it.

In Survival Mode, the questions are random, and you have one minute to answer as many of them as possible. How far you get determines your final score, and if you get one wrong, it’s game over.

The only particularly annoying part is the soundtrack, “You Got a Friend in Me.” It’s harmless when you hear it in all four movies. But in the app, because it plays repeatedly, you might want to just mute the app.

That’s not to say the app is rotten. Even though it’s more of a kids’ thing, I have enjoyed it as an adult, mostly because of how good the movies have been. Certainly too good to spoil by divulging the climax or ending.

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